December 30, 2008

Spoon Cornbread

Since everyone seems to be snowed in and cold (except for my parents - ya, ya, I know it's warm and sunny and I never should have moved above the Mason-Dixon line. I get it.). I thought I would share with ya'll my perfect accompaniment to the soup that we will all be inevitably making. This is like an amped-up version of cornbread. It's quick and easy, and doesn't even require you to pull out a whisk.

It's starts with good ol' Jiffy mix, then you add creamed and regular corn. There's also some sour cream in there to keep the bread nice and moist. I often make this in muffin tins and freeze any extra muffins. They freeze beautifully and will make even a canned soup night seem homey. If you like sweeter cornbread vs. the kind with some heat, this is for you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years! We are off to Canada for a few days, so assuming I don't become a popsicle while we are there, I will see you all in 2009!

Spoon Cornbread
1 Dozen Muffins

1 package Jiffy Corn Muffin mix (8 1/2-oz.)
appx. 10-oz. Canned Creamed Corn
appx. 10-oz. Canned Kernel Corn, drained
1 cup Sour Cream
2 Eggs
1 stick of Butter, melted
  • Preheat oven to 350℉.
  • Mix all ingredients together using a spoon.
  • Spray muffin tine with a little Pam, and pour in mixture.
  • Bake for appx. 35 minutes, or until tops are golden brown, edges are darkened, and an inserted toothpick comes out clean (if baking in a rectangular pan, bake time will increase to about 1 hour).


Elra said...

I never tried to make cornbread before, even on thanksgiving! Maybe I should try to do this, because it is kind of traditional American bread, right?
Yours seem pretty manageable to make, and look delicious too.

Tanya said...

I'm making venison chili this week and these would go great with it. Thanks!

Maria said...

I just made black bean soup last night. We still have a ton left. I am going to make these to go with! Happy New Year!

Emily said...

I don't think I've ever technically had spoon bread, but I know I would love it since I love cornbread. Looks great!

Aimée said...

Happy New Year! Where did you go in Canada?

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Elra - Cornbread is definitely a traditional staple in the south where I am from. There are many different types, so please try it if you get a chance!

Hi Tanya - Yum, venison chili! Some of my college friends used to hunt and always made delicious venison chili.

Hi Maria - I hope you like them!!

Hi Emily - Spoon bread just means easy! :)

Hi Aimée - Happy New Year to you as well! We are actually in Toronto right now and will be here the rest of the week.

Lori said...

Love your blog! The food looks scrumptious.

Sara said...

I love cornbread. I make a similar recipe from everyday food with a lot of sour cream.

Pumpkin said...

Oooh! I love cornbread with corn bits in it! These look yummy (and so easy!)

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! Hope Canada was fun and, er, not too cold? These corn muffin look extra corn-y and yum!

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Lori - Thanks so much!!

Hi Sara - The sour cream really keeps it moist and yummy.

Hi Pumpkin - Thanks, they really are simple!

Hi Michelle - Happy New Year to you as well! I made it back alright, but not without the purchase of a new (really warm!) coat! :)