November 13, 2008

Do you like Pina Coladas?

Continuing on with my theme of total winter avoidance, I made these adorable little pina colada madeleine cookies that I had seen Ingrid Hoffmann make way back this summer. I know they are totally out of place considering we are having cold and rainy weather here in NYC, but I just couldn't resist the temptation when I stumbled back over the recipe the other day. They are a great compliment to the micheladas, which I am still hooked on, and were totally delicious.

They really do taste like pina coladas, with a combo of coconut, pineapple and, of course, rum. They are light and not overly sweet, and I think would be perfect with a hot cup of chai tea (or a beer, whatever floats your boat). The rum is the real star and gives the cookies a rich flavor. I had to make a few alterations to the recipe since my ghetto supermarket didn't have pineapple cake mix - I used regular yellow cake mix, then added a cup of canned diced pineapple. I also sprinkled the tops with a dusting of powdered sugar (fancy, I know).

A big plus is that the recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies! So you should have tons to share. My husband took a slew to work and everyone there seemed to love them. This is not saying much since those guys would eat just about anything - no offense. :)

Although the large output is awesome it does pose a problem since I don't know many people equipped with 4 madeleine pans. I only had one, so only 12 of my cookies turned out in the pretty little shapes. The rest I just dabbed onto a cookie sheet, which Ingrid said was perfectly acceptable, and baked them up. These tasted the same but had spread out so much (the batter is pretty liquidy) and were so thin they broke the moment you picked them up. So I would suggest waiting it out and using your madeleine pan for the whole bunch. Either way, all 4 dozen of these beauties were gobbled up in less than 24 hours, which makes them a winner in my book! I'm definitely going to make these again next summer for a BBQ or picnic.

Now that I've gotten some of these recipes out of the way, I do promise to stop ignoring the weather and will post some seasonally appropriate food soon!! Stay tuned for another slow-cooker winner!!

Please visit the link below for the recipe:


Emily said...

I bet these tasted yummy.

I've only had one madeleine recipe turn out, and that's the dark chocolate madeleines on Epicurious.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

4 dozen cookies? Wow! That's a great recipe for Christmas cookie gifts then too. :)

Peabody said...

I do like Pina Coladas...and I like the look of these madeleines as well!

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Emily - I'm up for dark chocolate anything!

Hi Susan - I think so too - and I don't think many people will be giving out a pina colada cookie, so it will be great for cookie swaps!

Hi Peabody - Thanks so much!!

Dani Spies said...

Clever! I would have never thought to add a pina colada twist to a madeleine.

RecipeGirl said...

What a delicious flavor for a madeleine. I'm wishing for a little bit of your weather. Here we're having weather around 90 degrees right now!

Michelle said...

Yum! I'm envious bc I dont even have one Madeleine pan :-)

Maria said...

I love madelines! I have a pan so I will be trying this flavor, yum!!

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Dani - It's probably more appropriate for a pool party than a cold front, but oh well! :)

Hi Recipegirl - It is a little strange to spend the holidays in shorts, so hopefully you will get some cooler weather.

Hi Michelle - If you live in NYC, you are welcome to borrow my one! :)

Hi Maria - Hope you like it!