November 4, 2008

Different Take

I would first like to give a major congrats to all finishers of the NYC Marathon this past weekend. Especially to Kara Goucher - the first US woman to stand on that podium in 14 years!! The weather was great, albeit chilly, and it looked like everyone had an amazing time. I always find it funny that in a city with so many different events, that this particular one seems to really touch so many people. It's obvious to see the many it inspires by the tremendous increase in the number of runners in Central Park for the weeks following. It's kinda like new year's resolution goers at the gym who eventually die off by mid-February. For someone who has loved to run for over a decade now, I am thrilled to see our sport getting some much needed attention and attracting many more participants. 

Among the many reasons to run, probably my favorite is the fact that it gives you an "eat-all-the-pasta-you-want" pass the days surrounding a really tough workout. In case you haven't noticed, I take full advantage of this and dine on pasta probably more than any other food category. It's just too good! I would take a huge plate of noodles over a cut of meat any day.

So yesterday, feeling inspired by the hard work of others, I decided to make this unique take on a traditional carbonara. The sauce is a thick basil aioli, which really imparts a powerful basil flavor and a bit of a tang to the dish. It is very rich and decadent tasting, and the recipe makes more than you use for the pasta, so it could be used as a dip for veggies or something similar for the next few days (it has raw egg in it so you have to be careful). The asparagus also adds a nice pop of color and different texture. Best of all, if you have a food processor it takes no time to put together.

On another note, I want to say good-luck to us all as today is a very important one here in the US. Whoever wins the election will face some of the most challenging conditions (economic and otherwise) this country has ever faced. It has gone beyond a history making election and I believe will be a major turning point for our nation (good or bad). I know I'm glued to the tv!

Please visit the link below for the recipe:


Maria said...

Great pasta dish!! We were glued to the tv last night too. I am tired today but it was worth it! Such an exciting election!

mikky said...

i think i'm gonna try this soon... thanks for sharing :)

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Maria - It was very exciting, I think it's all just now sinking in for me!

Hi Mikky - I hope you do, and please let me know what you think!