July 9, 2008

Potato Chips for Dinner!

Robin Roberts, from Good Morning America, was on Emeril the other day whipping up a few of her favorite southern inspired dishes. This one mimics fried chicken with a crunchy crust, but is baked not fried. Don't get too excited though, cause this sucker falls a little short of healthy. First, each piece of chicken is dunked into a pool of melted butter and then liberally coated with smashed up potato chips. The great news is that the whole dish is literally that simple. Just add a little salt, pepper, and garlic, pop in the oven, and a few minutes later you have a great chicken dinner that even the kids will eat. I'm no expert, but I bet serving your kids potato chips for dinner might just win you the "Coolest Mom in the World" title (at least until you switch and become "Bedtime Enforcer" later in the evening).

The chicken actually tasted amazing too, and I am not a chicken person. It was moist and tender and had great flavor. The recipe calls for you to use chicken breasts, but I used chicken cutlets (which Robin recommended on the show) instead. They ended up being a sort of modified chicken tender. At first I had grand ambitions of making the mashed potatoes that she makes on the show as well, but I decided one new dish was enough for a week night and settled for a bagged salad instead. The recipe includes the mashed potatoes though, so please have at it and let me know how they are!

Please visit the link below for the recipe:

Robin's Potato Chip Chicken
Adapted from Emeril Live - Robin Roberts


Anonymous said...

whenever i start reading your blog i get hungry. like, starving hungry.

Ashley said...

Ha - that's a good thing!!