July 16, 2008

Jamie's Rhubarb Fool

Most of the time, I feel like me and Jamie Oliver are on total opposite ends of the planet. Not just physically, since he is just over the pond, but mainly because his cooking style is entirely different from anything I've ever seen or imagined before. For instance, he will use some old piece of wood on his lap as a cutting board and a little fire as a portable kitchen to be used anywhere on his property. Never in my life do I think I will actually cook in this manner (I don't know how well setting a small fire in Central Park would go over), but one cannot help but be drawn in by his undeniable passion for food.

He really loves cooking and loves eating and it translates so well to the viewer. Often times, tv chefs seem almost over practiced and slightly insincere, but Jamie has none of this. He is totally raw and leaves you entertained and educated. What a combo!

This little beauty is like having dessert and breakfast all in one. It combines some simmered down rhubarb, yogurt (I used Greek) and yummy yummy yummy little cinnamon pastry bites. It is very tangy, but those perfect little pastry bites help to cut through some of that and add back in some sweetness. This was pretty easy to make and was definitely something unique. If you are in the mood for something creamy and different with a little bit of tang for breakfast, this just might be your ticket. Jamie also uses some of the leftover rhubarb to make a custardy souffle type thing. Souffles have a tendency to send a shiver down my spine, so I stuck with just this yogurt dish, but please let me know how the souffle turns out if you decide to make it!

Please visit the link below for the recipe:
Adapted from Jamie at Home - Jamie Oliver


Anonymous said...

YUM! I love Rhubarb!

Ashley said...

Me too. It was a nice change from the usual strawberry-rhubarb combo.