March 9, 2009


Emily, over at Sugar Plum, always has the most creative and decadent looking goodies. She is constantly coming up with savory and sweet treats that I instantly want to try. This is exactly what happened the other morning when I strolled over to her site and saw these. Donuts! Bananas! Peanut butter glaze! OMG! Needless to say, 30 minutes later I was devouring these little bundles of deliciousness. I dipped half into the peanut butter glaze and half into powdered sugar. Both were totally amazing.

She entered these into a Top Chef/Quaker Oats competition, and she was chosen as one of the finalist! Yay! Congrats Emily! To vote for her and to see the recipe, please click here. Honestly, anyone who can make oats taste this good, is a winner to me!

Also a huge, huge thanks to Donna-FFW (firefighter wife) of My Tasty Treasures for this award!! She is absolutely hysterical, and if you aren't already completely addicted to her site, you must go check it out! Not only does she have amazing food, but she will keep you in stitches the whole time you are there. There is no filter with Donna!!

With this award you are supposed to list 10 facts about yourself. So here it goes:

1) I have really strong political and religious opinions. So much so, that I know better than to air them out here!
2) I love to run, run, run! The NYC half-marathon is my favorite race ever.
3) In my totally unbiased opinion, I have the cutest dog in the entire world. Isn't she adorable in her birthday dress?!
4) I graduated from Ole Miss with a 4.0 GPA and a finance degree (and still partied like a rock star!).
5) Most days I feel like I'm playing house, and can't believe I'm actually an adult.
6) I'm a total shoe and bag addict. Recession or not, I love me some Louboutins!
7) I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
8) Almond Joys are my favorite candy of all time.
9) I'm a Kappa Kappa Gamma and spent some of the best years of my life in that sorority house.
10) I'm clueless with computers and am amazed that this little blog is even up and running!

I want to pass this award along to Debby over at A Feast for the Eyes. Debby has so many wonderful dishes on her site, you just won't know what to do with yourself! She's a wife and a mother, and one heck of a lady. Please go check her out!


A Feast for the Eyes said...

I love donuts and these look fantastic!
Awwwwwwwww, shucks-- now I need to list 10 things about me that are printable (I'm not as uninhibited as hilarious Donna-FFW).
Thanks for the award, and I'm off to my new challenge.


Foodie with Little Thyme! said...

Those look yum. I think I might need to try them too. It was fun reading about you. I too love to run. I do my best thinking in my running shoes. I don't have as much time to run as I would like but still I run 20 miles a week. Not to shabby when you push a toddler too.

Elra said...

Delicious donuts, I am utterly drooling.

So nice to know you a little bit. I wonder who doesn't like to have a pair or two Louboutins? and your pup is so cute!

noble pig said...

Oh my word those donuts...holy cow.

Jennifer said...

you went to OLE MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

donuts- love!!!

your pup is adorable!!!

Sara said...

These donuts look so good, what a great flavor combination. I've never made donuts before.

Katie said...

Your dog is adorable!!

I am curious about your sorority experience - did you always want to join one? What was is it like?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about these donuts - they definitely deserve a vote! It looks like Emily's recipe is the top one right now - how neat. Congrats on your award!

Kendra said...

They are mouth watering! Congrats on the award!

sugarlens said...

Ah, those little donut holes are so addictive. I like the plain sugar glazed ones the best. But banana and PB glaze sound amazing, too.

Yup, Suki is adorable!

Donna-FFW said...

Your donuts look unbelievable. Gorgeous! Your comments are so interesting, love to learn things of fellow bloggers!! I run also.. but I am only a 5 miler..

Shelly said...

oh my!!!! Those donuts look awesome! I need to run over there and check that recipe out!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Congratulations on your award and graduating from Ole Miss with a 4.0. You are a wiz and just not telling us, yes?
I too am a shoe collector and can never have enough.
I'll have to keep my husband away from those donuts with the peanut butter glaze. If he sees them, they'll be gone in a flash.

Emily said...

Hey lady! I didn't know you were going to post about these! Or wait, I guess I did. Anyway, they look great! I'm glad you liked them. They're pretty good, but I guess not good for you. :( I ate too many the other night. They're very hard to resist.

Thank you so much for getting the word out! You're the best.

Jessica said...

I'm afraid of making donuts so I'm putting them off (I'm cooking through The Joy of Cooking) and your dog looks so much like mine (a Aussie/Papillon mix). So cute!

Olivia said...

See it's people like you who make me, a person who thankfully doesn't like doughnuts, second guess why I don't like doughnuts by using peanut butter in them. Come on now! Just let me continue hating doughnuts. haha

Culinarywannabe said...

Hi Debby - I can't wait to hear all about you!!

Hi Foodie - I always look at the ladies pushing the running (we run not jog, right?!) strollers and think how much harder the hills and everything would be. I think you're amazing!

Hi Elra - I agree on the Louboutins, although one of my best friends wouldn't be caught dead in heels!

Hi Noble Pig - Yes ma'am!

Hi Jennifer - I did! Did you?

Hi Sara - It was so easy to do!

Hi Katie - I think joining a sorority is a totally personal decision. It depends a lot on the greek life at your school, the particular chapter you join and what it is you are looking to get out of it. At my school, every one was greek and it gave me an opportunity to really get involved socially and through things like student government. Please email me if you have any particular questions and I would be happy to help!

Hi 5 Star Foodie - We have our fingers crossed for her!

Hi Kendra - Thank you!

Hi Sugarlens - I had to pawn them off on the neighbors just to keep myself from eating them all.

Hi Donna-FFW - I can't believe you kept your comment clean! I was sure donuts would elicit something dirty from you! :)

Hi Shelly - Please do!

Hi Sam - Ha! Yes, I am really a big nerd at heart. :)

Hi Emily - Yep, these rocked! Hope you win!!!

Hi Jessica - No fear, I swear they were easy! And Suki is a toy Aussie so I can see the resemblance.

Hi Olivia - No way! If I'm getting fat, I'm dragging you down with me! :)

TonyM said...

You do indeed have one cute dog!

Lavanya said...

first time visit here..nice blog..i love donuts..looks yummy n lovely!!

Chef Fresco said...

Peanut butter donuts?! yum! My Dad always makes donuts on presidential election night - a strange tradition that I have grown accustom to over the years (but i've never had peanut butter). NYC half, huh?! I'm running the Country Music in Nashville next month!

Carmela said...

Welcome to foodie blogroll.

The doughnuts look awesome, I am wishing for some for my breakfast.

Buon appetito,


Culinarywannabe said...

Hi TonyM - Thanks! We love her. :)

Hi Lavanya - Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hi Chef Fresco - That is an interesting tradition! I've had friends do Nashville and have loved it, but said it was very hilly. I would be sure to do some hill work! :)

Hi Carmela - Thank you so much! I wish I had some leftover for breakfast as well. My cereal just isn't cuttin it!

veggie belly said...

the donuts look delicious! you are making me hungry!

Kevin said...

Those do look and sound so good. I hope they put the recipe back up.